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The Amazing Option of IV Sedation

Yes, IV sedation has truly been amazing for many patients at Wisconsin Dental Solutions. By having a comfortable option available to them, many patients with dental fears and anxieties are able to realize their dental health and appearance goals. Below is a list of common points which patients ask to be clarified, making IV sedation an easier decision.

  • IV Sedation is ideal to:

    • alleviate anxiety and fear;

    • reduce or eliminate a strong gag reflex;

    • make long appointments seem much shorter;

    • offer better options for those that are difficult to get numb and;

    • make extensive oral surgery more comfortable.

  • IV Sedation is an anti-anxiety drug allowing you to feel very relaxed, carefree and easily forget the procedure. You will feel groggy or sleepy, yet still be able to respond and do simple activities with assistance. 

  • Time will feel condensed and there is an amnesia effect with the medication. 

  • In addition to the IV Sedation, we use computer controlled local oral anesthetic for the perfect level of patient comfort. 

  • IV Sedation is a very safe option since the medications act quickly and leave your system rapidly. Your level of sedation is much easier to control with this method. Monitoring your blood pressure, pulse and oxygen levels throughout the procedure ensure regular health assessments.

  • The IV Sedation is administered through a vein on the back of your hand or in your arm. A very thin needle is taped into place during the procedure. 

  • This type and level of sedation does not require a breathing tube—making IV sedation less invasive and less complicated. 

  • You will require a ride to and from the appointment, and should continue to be monitored at home until you are fully alert.

  • You will be given instructions regarding eating and drinking for both before and after your appointment. 

Dr. Lotowski and Dr. Jim’s primary concern is your comfort and trust so that you can achieve the best dental outcome and experience possible. Imagine letting go of your dental fears while being cared for by kind, gentle professionals. At Wisconsin Dental Solutions, your success and comfort are our mission, win-win! 

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