X-Guide Navigated Surgery

Dynamic Image Guided Surgery is a new and exciting field of implant dentistry. Dr. Lotowski is one of the first dentists in the state of Wisconsin to use X-Guide™. Computer - aided surgery is used by neurosurgeons and other medical surgical specialties, and it continues to grow within the medical world. It allows the doctor to “virtually” see into their patient while planning their treatment and in real-time during the procedure.

X-Guide is the newest and most advanced system approved for dental implant placement. Dr. Lotowski uses X-Guide technology to plan and precisely place dental implants right at his office.

What to expect during your X-Guide implant placement procedure:

  1. A tracking array is placed on your teeth and a 3D scan (CBCT) is taken.

  2. Dr. Peter can now plan your implant placement on the computer.

  3. The tracking array is placed in your mouth at the time of your procedure and registered to the system before procedure is started. An array is attached to the instrument that Dr. Lotowski will use during your procedure and it is registered to the system.

  4. Implant placement is then performed under dynamic image guidance with the plan Dr. Lotowski has once again reviewed prior to the procedure. The incisions are minimal and the implant placement is highly accurate.

Dr. Lotowski and his team are dedicated to making dental implant surgery more predictable, safer, and less painful for the patients – and with X-Guide from X-Nav – they’re realizing that vision.

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