The timeline for dental implants surgery greatly depends on whether we are able to place the restorations the same day or whether a more involved healing process (three to four months) is required in order to allow the implant to naturally adhere to the jawbone.

Your Dental Implants Consultation

First, you will meet with Dr. Lotowski for a one-on-one consultation, during which he will closely examine the site of your missing tooth/teeth and evaluate your overall dental health. Then you'll discuss your treatment options in great detail and he will recommend any additional procedures that may be needed prior to your dental implant(s) surgery.

A three-dimensional iCAT scan of your teeth and jaw will be taken, which allows our dental team to finalize your care for optimal results.

Sedation Options

We are aware that the idea of visiting the dentist can be scary. If you feel apprehensive about undergoing dental treatment ask us about our sedation dentistry services.

Day of Treatment

We begin the process by performing any neccesary extractions. Next, we place your dental implant(s) and any temporary restorations, so that you don't have to go home toothless.

Follow-Up Appointments

After you have received your dental implant(s), you will be asked to return within 10 to 14 days for your follow-up. Some patients may not need to return for approximately three months.

Healing Time

During the healing process, which usually lasts three to four months, your dental implant naturally fuse with the jawbone.

Final Dental Implant Steps

After the implant(s) have healed, we can begin making your permanent teeth a reality. Depending on your unique needs, the final process can be completed in two to four appointments.

Routine Oral Care

Dental implant procedures require routine oral hygiene care with normal brushing and flossing. Dental implants need to be cleaned and evaluated just like natural teeth.

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