What Can You Expect from Dental Implant Treatment?

What Can You Expect from Dental Implant Treatment?

At Wisconsin Dental Solutions you can expect pain-free, no-fear dentistry performed by the most compassionate team of professionals. 

Although no two patients are exactly alike, and everyone's treatment experience is slightly different; there is a general framework of what you can expect from treatment.

Planning and Preparing for Treatment

First, Dr. Peter Lotowski plans the implant placement. He will perform an oral examination and take digital X-rays and 3-D images of your jaw to assess your anatomy and check on the quality of the bone. The doctor may also make impressions or molds of your mouth to help plan out your dental implant treatment.

The second crucial part of the preparation stage is ensuring that your jawbone is strong enough to hold dental implant posts. If it is not, the doctor will recommend a procedure called bone grafting to supplement the jawbone. Bone grafting happens prior to or during implant placement and increases the quantity and quality of the jawbone. The doctor may graft bone from another area of your mouth, or use a synthetic bonelike material.

The Day of Treatment

The particulars of the day of treatment depend on your case and the type of implants being placed.

With standard implants, the doctor will perform any necessary extractions before placing the implant posts in the jawbone. The doctor will then place temporary restorations so you don't have to go toothless while the posts heal.

In our office, it is typical that we extract the necessary teeth, graft and place the implant all in one visit. This saves you time (i.e., requires fewer visits), and you only haveto have one surgery.

When your permanent restoration is ready, you will return to the office to have the temporary removed and the permanent placed. This is a pain-free visit requiring no anesthesia!

Learn more about what happens on the day of treatment.

Recovering from Treatment

Your dental implants will take several months to heal completely. Dr. Peter will ask you to return for a follow-up appointment to check your healing progress and make sure the implants look great and function properly.

It is also important to maintain diligent oral hygiene habits during recovery. This includes regular brushing and flossing, keeping sugar intake to a minimum and coming in for check-ups every six months.

Everyone recovers differently, but, in general, it takes about three months for the implant to heal completely.

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