Implant Fixed Dentures

A fixed implant-supported denture is an artificial prosthesis that replaces all of the teeth with the support from the implants, thereby maintaining healthy gums and the integrity of facial structures.

A dental implant is comprised of three components:

  • The implant, a titanium post that fuses with the jawbone and is similar to the root of a tooth
  • The abutment, which serves as an attachment to the implant for a dental restoration.
  • The dental restoration, such as a crown, bridge or full denture

An implant-fixed denture involves the surgical placement of four to six implants into the jawbone. These implants are then used to support a temporary dental bridge or denture through the healing process, during which the implants naturally fuse with the jawbone. Final replacement teeth are placed three to four months following the dental implant placement.

A fixed implant-supported denture is a permanent restoration and can only be removed by professionals at their dental practice. Unlike removable implant-supported dentures, implant-fixed dentures are designed to be cleaned in the mouth by the patient.

The Advantages of Replacing Missing Teeth with Dental Implants

Individuals who have traditional dentures are all-too familiar with their many disadvantages. Replacing missing teeth with implant-supported dental restorations eliminates all of the problems associated with traditional dentures, including irreversible bone loss, gum disease, bad breath and more. In addition, dental implants allow individuals to enhance their quality of life by not having to worry about loose and uncomfortable dentures that require special care and frequent repairs.

Fixed implant-supported dentures are designed to provide our dental implants patients with a solid foundation for a successful replacement of all their teeth. When this procedure is performed by our team, our patients regain their ability to lead a comfortable life knowing that their teeth not only look great but function just like natural teeth without compromising their oral health and ability to eat their favorite foods.

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