Wisconsin Dental Solutions Is The First Practice In The Madison Wisconsin Area To Use 3D Real-Time Guided Surgery X-Nav™ Technology to Place Dental Implants

August 11, 2017

Dynamic 3D Dentistry
Implant navigation system that elevates the dentist’s control over the dental implant process during live procedure.

SUN PRAIRIE, Wis. – Dr. Peter Lotowski, of Wisconsin Dental Solutions, announces the addition of the X-Guide™ system into his private practice. He is the first dentist in the Madison Area to use this advanced 3D technology to place dental implants at his Sun Prairie dental practice. X-Guide™ is the newest and most advanced system approved for the placement of dental implants. Dr. Lotowski uses X-Guide technology to plan and precisely place dental implants, ensuring least invasive and highly accurate implant placements.

“Our dedication to elevating patient comfort and experience at Wisconsin Dental Solutions is a never-ending goal. We do a lot of implants and we also get referrals – it’s important to me to provide our patients (and referring doctors) with predictable results.” – said Dr. Peter Lotowski, owner of Wisconsin Dental Solutions.

X-Guide gives Dr. Peter the ability to see exactly where he is working. Real-time 3D dentistry for placing dental implants is now available in the Sun Prairie and Madison area. Wisconsin Dental Solutions celebrates implant month this August with their announcement of thier latest addition of X-Guide technology.

About Wisconsin Dental Solutions
Wisconsin Dental Solutions delivers “Dental Solutions For Extraordinary Needs”. Dr. Peter Lotowski and team’s strong patient-centric approach paired with experience and deliverability of extensive dental options for patients with missing, broken, and/or worn-down teeth. WDS offers dental implants, dentures and IV sedation services all at their Sun Prairie location.

About X-Nav Technologies, LLC
X-Nav Technologies is a medical device company in Lansdale, PA that develops surgical products for the dental market that advance patient care.

YOUR SMILE: A Healthy Smile is Not Just for Good Looks

February 15, 2017

SUN PRAIRIE, Wis. (WMTV) --- In need of a confidence boost? It all starts in the smile. Sandi Ranzau of Sun Prairie says she avoided going to the dentist for years. After years of hiding her smile, one Sun Prairie woman is finally able to smile again.

" Oh my gosh it was years. I couldn't even tell you how many years ," said Ranzau. That was until she paid a visit to Wisconsin Dental Solutions.

" We start from building a foundation, giving the patient hope that they can have teeth ," said Dr. Peter Lotowski who is the owner of Wisconsin Dental Solutions.

Dr. Lotowski says he sees many patients who have avoided the dentist for more than a decade. "They worry about the pain, the procedure or the unknown," said Lotowski.

After Sandi Ranzau decided to get dentures, she says her confidence has never been higher. " They're the best teeth I've had in my entire life. I love my teeth. I really do ," said Ranzau.

Dr. Lotowski says " the big thing I hear is I wish I had done that sooner ."

" Now I eat everything and anything and it's not like I even have dentures to tell you the truth ," said Ranzau.

Click here to read the originally story on NBC15 news website.

The Spot for Health: 10 Mindful Attitudes that Reduce Anxiety - Part 2

February 1, 2017

Please click the video below to watch The Spot for Health's interview with Lori Sherman RDH from Wisconsin Dental Solutions as she shares techniques we can all use to lower our anxiety - part 2. (Please scroll down to watch Part 1).

The Spot for Health: 10 Mindful Attitudes that Reduce Anxiety - Part 1

February 1, 2017

Please click the video thumbnail below to watch The Spot for Health's interview with Lori Sherman, RHD, from Wisconsin Dental Solutions. Lori is passionate about helping her patients ease anxiety and in this interview she shares techniques we can use to lower our anxiety - part 1.

The Spot for Health: Keeping Your Teeth Healthy Around the Holiday Season.

October 14, 2016

Dr. Peter Lotowski, DMD from Wisconsin Dental Solutions returns to The Spot for Health for another inteview. This time, Dr. Peter talks about keeping your teeth healthy around the holiday season.

Chamber Business Spotlight: Wisconsin Dental Solutions

June 21, 2016

Dr. Peter Lotowski, DMD and Lori Sherman, Dental Hygienist, from Wisconsin Dental Solutions discuss new techniques used at our practice to help patients feel comfortable and new options for denture and implant patients in Madison / Sun Prairie area.

The Spot for Health: Dental Talk With Wisconsin Dental Solutions

June 17, 2016

Dr. Peter Lotowski, DMD and Lori Sherman, Dental Hygienist, from Wisconsin Dental Solutions join Shirley Gutkowski on The Spot for Health. They explain their work in the dental industry and the impact it has on their patients.

New Dentist Joins Wisconsin Dental Solutions

August 15, 2014

SUN PRAIRIE, Wis. (The Star) --- Few dentist offices offer patients cookies when they walk in the door, but Wisconsin Dental Solutions offers a sweet treat for the waiting room in addition to a comfortable environment for patietns who need dental service of any kind.

Wisconsin Dental Solutions located at 1260 W. Main St., is committed to providing “ dental solutions for extraordinary needs .” Dr. Peter Lotowski recently joined Dr. James Amstadt, who plans to retire soon, according to Lotowski.

Lotowski said he has enjoyed his first month at Wisconsin Dental Solutions building relationships with patients.

He is slowly transitioning to take over for Amstadt, and working with both Amstadt and new patients helps make the process smoother.

It’s more comfortable that way, and patients get to see us work together ,” Lotowski said.

Amstadt originally opened Wisconsin Dental Solutions 13 years ago and has operated under several names including Smiles by Amstadt, Dentistry of Wisconsin, Amstadt & Associates and now, Wisconsin Dental Solutions.

Lotowski received his Doctor of Dental Medicine at Southern Illinois Univerity, where he graduated first in his class, before furthering his education with an Advanced Education in General Dentistry from Idaho State University.

With this degree, Lotowski said he was able to specialize in many aspects of dentistry such as implants, oral surgeries and IV sedation.

Few dental practices offer IV sedation but many patients have sought Wisconsin Dental Solutions our specifically for that option, according to Lotowski. IV sedation can make dental procedures more comfortable for the anxiety associated with dental work.

We want to provide the patient with everything we can ,” Lotowski said.

Providing all dental services under one room is important to Lotowski and one of the reasons he joined Wisconsin Dental Solutions with Amstadt.

A dental practice that offers general cleaning to oral surgeries to full-mouth reconstruction keeps patients in a centralized location with the same dentist, allowing more peace of mind with procedures, according to Lotowski.

We meet the needs of complicated cases ,” Lotowski said.

Wisconsin Dental Solutions is unique in that it is a fee-for-service practice instead of being insurance-coverage based. This sysystem allows for Amstadt, Lotowski and the rest of the staff to devote more time to patients, according to Lotowski.

We work with them to find a solution that fits their budget that they can be happy with ,” Lotowski said. “ We offer them many solutions and then we’re able to pinpoint it down to one based on budget, based on what they feel comfortable with .”

Growing up, Lotowski described himself as very “hand-on” and was involved with detailed carpentry work, which he said helped him excel in dental school.

The meticulous, hand-on skills he learned in carpentry transferred over to his dental work, Lotowski said.

He even earned the “Best Hand Skills” Certificate from his graduating dental school class.

Lotowski said he “stumbled” into dentistry when he shadowed an acquaintance who was a dentist and said that he enjoys working with patients and providing the best care for them.

I love what I do, which is why I strive for the best ,” Lotowski said.

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