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Debbie's Step by Step Experience with Dental Implants and IV Sedation at WDS:

Nancy - our SMILE MAKEOVER PATIENT Talks About Her Experience at Wisconsin Dental Solutions:

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Molly's story and her experience with Dental Implants at Wisconsin Dental Solutions:


"I think this office is the model for how dentistry should be practiced everywhere ... they should offer clinics. I especially appreciate the efficiency and quality and attention to detail and as an added bonus (because I would already be giving them 5 stars based on the quality of their work), they are pleasant and encouraging and uplifting. It is possible that a group of people can come together and do an all around excellent job on a consistent basis. Bravo! It really is an impressive dental office from top to bottom and forwards and backwards. They might be running some secret, unknown calming agent through the air vents ... Idk. They haven't revealed their secret to me other than I know they work hard to deliver this experience to all of their patients each and every day."

Mary Paul                 


"When it comes to major dental work, they are THE BEST. If you need quality you have to use Wisconsin Dental Solutions. And the Staff is Amazing! Highly Recommended"

- Mar Lot                     


"If I could give Dr. Peter and his staff 10 stars I would! I was having pain with a tooth and had a consult with my dentist in Baraboo, plus a cleaning with them and they referred me to a endodontist saying it was a root canal tooth and they couldn’t do anything. The endodontist said I should go back to my dentist for a more thorough cleaning or get it pulled. At this point I’d been dealing with it for 2 months! I called my Baraboo dentist and they couldn’t get me in until LATE August. They put me on their “emergency list” and said they would call if an opening came up (they still haven’t called).

At this point I couldn’t eat or brush my teeth. I called Dr. Peter's office since he was our former dentist in Sun Prairie who we stopped seeing because we had moved up to Baraboo. They ended up getting me in the next day, which I was very thankful! It was pretty obvious to him that there was bad infection and the tooth was broken! He said it should come out immediately, which I agreed (especially since it basically fell off anyway). His staff were closing down for the weekend, but they opened up everything and stayed late to help me! Dr. Peter tried to do an implant that afternoon, but probably because of the infection my gums/close nerve just weren't having it. Instead we did bone growth material that I'll have for 4 months and then I’ll have Dr. Peter put an implant in. Today, 4 days later, I'm pain free for the first time in months. I’ve now officially switched back to him even with the 1 hour drive!"

JL Gurske                 

they worked so hard to get it perfecct and it is!!!

"Dr. Peter and his entire staff are great. I had an implant on my front teeth, they worked so hard to get it perfect and it is!!! Thanks all of you wonderful job and had so much fun with all of you. Beautiful teeth and beautiful people. I would tell anyone, if you have a problem go to Dr. Peter.."

Sharon Wildes        

always concerned about my comfort

"Dr. Peter and his staff are wonderful as they are always concerned about my comfort. I just had my teeth cleaned by Charlotte and they look amazing. She polished my veneers which really added to my smile. Give Wisconsin Dental Solutions a chance to give you a wonderful smile too!! You will be glad you did."

Dawn Clemens       

Everyone is so kind, patient and attentive to your unique situation

"I have had extensive dental work done for the last 25 years and have been in many dentist chairs but none ever like Dr. Peters chair!! Due to the extensive work and time in many unfriendly and painful dentist chairs I have developed extreme dental anxiety and fear of pain. I am just getting started on a very long journey with WDS but my first few visits have been absolutely heavenly without fear, anxiety or pain!!! Everyone is so kind, patient and attentive to your unique situation and I am so very happy I reached out to WDS and found Dr. Peter and his outstanding team."

Jody Robinson        

you will be so Impressed

"I had not seen a dentist in years terrified of dentists... it got to we’re my back teeth were broken and a front tooth was broken. I couldn’t smile I was so ashamed yet terrified. I had gone to several dentist over the last 2 years and just didn’t trust them. I had missed special events because of my smile. I finally got up the courage to call after seeing a commercial on tv that made me cry but realize I can do this..and I went in OMG I never felt so comfortable and safe. I cried I told Dr. Peter’s I just want to be able to smile again and bite into a sandwich. I put my trust in him He made me feel so Safe. Last week I started my work with several extractions and an implant and NO PAIN. I took a few Ibuprofen that’s it. They worked with me and my fears and anxiety of dentist to get me through they are so Amazing . I can smile and it is a beautiful feeling. The staff I can’t thank them enough. They were as excited as I was when I smiled! I have a few more visits but you can put your trust in the hands of Dr. Peters and his Staff. And the Talent and skill and Compassion they have for there patients. I can’t say Thank you enough for giving me back my Smile and Confidence. Thank Dr. Peters and Staff I love you!!!! Don’t wait call and make your appointment trust me you will be so Impressed. If I can do it anyone can."

Lisa Hinrichs          

Just had 2 crowns done

"Just had 2 crowns done. No pain. Can not see the difference in color. Bite is good. Awesome 👏"

Diane Pearce        

Love them

"Always feel comfortable and cared for. Dr. Peter explains things well and gives options for treatment. Love them."

Peg Sprecher        

dr. lotowski and his staff are Wonderful

"As someone who hates and can barely be forced to go to the dentist even when a necessity, I drive almost an hour to get here. I'm always made quite comfortable at Wisconsin Dental Solutions! Dr. Lotowski and his staff are wonderful and treat you like a friend."

- Melody Bryant     

i have 8 implants. I Know.

"Expertise, kindness, listeners. I have 8 implants. I know.

Patricia Fero       

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