Sedation Dentistry

Are Your Teeth Being Ignored Because of Your Dental Fears?

Are you letting fear and anxiety get in the way of taking care of your teeth? By choosing intraveneous (IV) sedation , you can now experience high quality dental care without pain and fear. IV sedation uses a combination of medications to create a calming, relaxing and unaware state. The medications also can create a state of amnesia and a perception of shortened time.

What types of patients choose IV sedation?

The majority of our sedation patients have one or more symptoms or issues:

  • A strong gag reflex
  • Difficulty tolerating long dental procedures
  • Fear or anxiety with dental visits
  • Extensive surgery required in one visit
  • Difficulty getting numb
  • Afraid of pain or wanting strong pain relief measures

Benefits of IV Sedation during a dental procedure

Pain Relief
You will need local anesthesia and we have many techniques learned through training and experience to create the perfect numb feeling. However, the medications in IV sedation do have an analgesic effect and help create a profound level of pain relief.

You Maintain Alertness
Most patients feel groggy or sleepy, but you will remain conscious and alert enough to communicate with us. Most patients do not recall the details of the procedure afterwards.

Tested and Safe
IV sedation is one of the safest forms of sedation dentistry because the medications act quickly and leave your system rapidly. The Wisconsin Dental Examining Board requires extensive training and education before a dentist is certified to provide IV Sedation. Dr. Lotowski completed his training and certification at the Idaho State University Advanced Education in General Dentistry Residency Program.

Reduces Discomfort
IV Sedation helps relax you and reduces muscle tension and soreness. It also "compresses time," and you will think your visit is shorter than it really is.

Improves the Quality of Care
Because you are not fearful and are anxiety free, the doctor and team can concentrate on delivering high quality care and work more efficiently.

Things To Consider About IV Sedation

Initial Visit
At your initial visit, we will discuss all the benefits and risks of IV sedation, as well as the cost. We will also gather a complete medical history, as well as a list of the medications you are taking, so we can better prepare for your sedation visit.

During the IV Sedation Visit
Besides experiencing no pain, the IV sedation produces a calming, amnesia-like effect. It takes a little longer to get you into a pain free state than a regular visit but after that we can get more accomplished because you are so relaxed. Your perception of time will be condensed, making the visit feel shorter than it really is. You will also feel groggy and be unaware of the ongoing dental procedures.  You can still respond to verbal  instructions and should not remember much about the visit. You will need someone to pick you up after the appointment.

After the Procedure
Most of our patients recover quickly from the effects of the medication. You may have a dry mouth or be slightly nauseated, but typically you will be alert and back to normal by the time you leave our dental office.

For more information on making a patient referral, referring doctors can use the referral form.

If you have any questions about IV sedation, please feel free to call our Sun Prairie, WI office during office hours at 608-834-6321 today!

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