Implant Removable Dentures

In addition to fixed implant-supported dentures, our office also offers removable implant-supported dentures to prospective Madison / Sun Prairie implant and cosmetic dentistry patients. When compared to implant-fixed dentures, removable implant-supported dentures often require fewer dental implants and can easily be removed by the patient for cleaning.

There are several types of removable dentures that can be placed over dental implants, including:

  • Snap-on dentures – consisting of two or more dental implants and a full denture
  • Removable bridges – comprised of four to six dental implants in each arch that support the dental bridge

Attachments are fastened to the top of each implant, Attachments are used to support the removable implant denture. Dentures, or bridges snap onto the attachments which firmly holds them in place. An implant supported denture requires a minimum of two dental implants. The upper jaw usually requires a greater number of dental implants, as do dentures supported by mini dental implants.

In order to remove an implant-supported denture at home, patients are advised to apply slight pressure in a lifting motion to disconnect the denture from the dental implants. When placing dentures back into the mouth, the denture sockets need to be aligned with the dental implants that fit into them. Again, slight pressure is all that is needed to snap the denture into place.

The Advantages of Removable Implant-Supported Dentures

Dental implants are an excellent treatment options for our patients who are looking to eliminate problems associated with wearing traditional dentures, such as:

  • The use of messy adhesives
  • Having the roof or your mouth covered with plastic
  • Inability to chew and speak comfortably
  • Fear that dentures will slip or fall out
  • Low self-esteem and confidence to laugh or smile
  • Pressure on the gums and cheeks
  • Collapsed facial features
  • Deteriorating gums and bone

All of these problems can be eliminated with just a few dental implants that are surgically placed into the jaw to support comfortable, natural-looking dentures.

Dr. Lotowski is a leading dental implant specialist whom patients consult in order to dramatically improve their quality of life with implant-supported dentures. Many individuals also choose our facility because of our reputation as  highly experienced Madison sedation dentistry professionals who strive to ensure that our patients feel comfortable and relaxed during their procedures.

Please contact our practice or call 608-834-6321 to schedule your initial dental implants consultation.

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