Dental Technology

Digital X-Ray

Our digital X-ray machine emits about 80 percent less radiation than traditional machines. This means that you will be exposed to significantly less radiation than in the past. The system also provides immediate, detailed digital images for review in the treatment room. No hazardous chemicals are required for developing film, and digital storage eliminates the need for hard files. We use digital radiography because it’s better for you and the environment!


Our iCAT is a digital CAT scan. The iCAT offers a unique three-dimensional image rather than the traditional two-dimensional X-ray.  Dr. Peter Lotowski uses this technology to aid in evaluating and planning stages, as well as in precision placement of the dental implants. Crisp, detailed images help to closely analyze your bone structure and density, which helps in determining the best location for implant posts.

The Wand

For comfortable, continuous local anesthetic, we use the Wand, a computerized anesthesia delivery system. Your comfort is a priority at Wisconsin Dental Solutions, and we go to great lengths to ensure a comfortable experience.

CEREC One-Visit Crowns

With computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing (CAD/CAM), CEREC can design and mill custom porcelain crowns, bridges, onlays or veneers right in our office. Since we don’t have to use an outside dental lab, you can get a restoration in a single visit! Learn more about CEREC here.

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