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Many different reasons can result in the need for dentures. Dentures, also known as false teeth, are designed to replace missing teeth. Conventional dentures are removable and, thanks to today's technology, there are many different denture designs.

About Our Denture Services

At Wisconsin Dental Solutions, we focus on diagnosing and treating denture problems and offer affordable solutions. Below is a short list of denture problems, their causes and treatment.

1. Gagging - This can be caused by a denture that is too long, too short, has an inadequate seal in the back or has a "bad" bite. In a very small number of cases, gagging is psychological in nature and the roof or the upper denture needs to be removed. The cure can be as simple as a denture repair or more complex implant treatment.

2. Loose Denture - The cause of a loose denture include poor fit, bad bite, inadequate bone to stabilize the denture and inability of patient to physically adapt to the denture. Treatment may involve refitting denture, rearranging the bite or dental implants to stabilize the denture.

3. Unattractive Denture - An unattractive denture can be caused by teeth that don't follow your smile or lip line (reverse smile), poor quality teeth, poor color selection, and/or size of teeth that is not appropriate. Treatment often involves redoing the teeth in the denture or a completely new denture.

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